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Underfloor Heating

Whether new build, renovation or home extension, underfloor heating systems provide a robust, reliable solution for any room in every home. We offer a range of underfloor heating systems with a product available for every conceivable floor type or residential heating project.

They can be fitted over an existing floor or built into a new one, in one room or throughout the whole house. Plus, they work with most floor coverings, from ceramic and stone tiles to wood and carpet.

Unlike other types of systems, underfloor heating gently and evenly warms water in a network of pipes. This uses less energy than electric systems and can run as low as 35°C compared with radiators that typically operate at 80°C. So as well as freeing up wall and floor space, it’s a great way to take control of heating costs while creating a warm and comfortable home.

We are able to calculate your requirements and provide a tailor-made quote so you have exactly what you need to complete the installation, minimises your costs.
Underfloor Heating Key Benefits:

  • Separate controls for every room add comfort and cut costs
  • No hotspots or cold draughts that commonly come with radiators
  • Reduces airborne dust, providing relief for allergy sufferers
  • Create more space as no need for radiators
  • Less energy consumption helps cut costs as well as carbon emissions
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • System guaranteed for 12 months
  • Pipes guaranteed for 50 years


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