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Smart Controls

Smart thermostats are a smart technology that let you remotely control your home’s temperature via a tablet, smartphone or desktop for increased control over your central heating. (They should not be confused with smart meters, which digitally send meter readings to your energy supplier.)

A typical room thermostat just lets you change the temperature in your home using a dial or control panel. A smart thermostat gives you a more efficient,accessible and user friendly way to control your heating by utilising an app downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

A smart system essentially operates in the same way a conventional thermostat configuration does, whilst enabling full control using your smartphone or tablet, whenever or wherever you may be.

Smart controls do have an ever increasing capability, such as learning your schedule by detecting when your smartphone is in the house or when you are on your route home, and prepare your home to your desired temperature. You can also receive reports about your energy usage, giving you a better understanding of your usage, allowing you to adjust your preferences to save energy and money.

These added features appeal to those with hectic and busy schedules, and also provide an added convenience to suit modern lifestyles. Perhaps you are running late at work and need to adjust when your heating comes on? Or you’ve just gone on holiday and realised you haven’t turned the heating off? These issues can now be resolved with just a few taps on your smartphone




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