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Boilers, Flues & Cylinders

We offer a wide range of heating products including central heating, oil, and gas boilers, vented, unvented and mains pressure cylinders and flues.

All new boiler installations should be fitted with either SEDBUK A or B rated appliances. These are generally known as High Efficiency (HE) or condensing boilers.

To ensure new heating systems maintain their optimum performance, all installations should be flushed using a reputable cleansing agent. Adding inhibitors will extend the life of the heating system and lower fuel bills, Taymor offers a range of water treatments, ask in branch for the correct one for our system.

If you are not connected to mains natural gas, and do not want the inconvenience of having to store either propane or oil, then an alternative is a small electric boiler.
Electric boilers are usually installed in smaller properties such as flats and provide the same practicality of a typical radiator heating system without the issue of having to route a flue to an external wall, meaning they can be sited almost anywhere.

Hot water requirements can be satisfied independently via a storage cylinder which is heated directly from an electrical supply. For homes with cold water storage tanks present, our vented cylinders are a sturdy, simple, and reliable heating solution that are easy to both install and to maintain. If no storage tank is present however, there’s no need to worry as our unvented cylinders offer a compact and highly efficient alternative that’s directly fed by the mains water supply.


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